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Forwarding a Domain to your StyleTango Page is easy but we will explain here how to do so via 2 methods. Again Forwarding a Domain is totally optional. It is not required.


Linking to Your Page

Log into your Ambassador Dashboard. Under the “My Shop” Icon in your dashboard – you will also be able to set your url structure of your boutique. Example: If you name your shop JennysXYZFashion – your url would look something like You will then click on “View Your Shop” while in your dashboard. This will open your shop page up in a new browser window so that you can view your shop. At that point you can copy the URL of your page.  You will then use that URL to link your blog, website and social media accounts to your StyleTango Boutique Page.


Optional Ideas For a Custom URL:


A. You can also just use the social sharing buttons on your Shop’s Homepage or Products in your Shop – clicking on them will produce a short URL that you can copy or post to social media. The Twitter Social Icon will give you the best short URL that you can then post to your Instagram, Facebook etc.


B. You can opt to get your own domain name that you can then forward (point) to Your Ambassador Page. This is a great way to brand Your Ambassador Page. Example – if you buy the domain name for – you can then forward the domain to your shop. Now you can tell your clients to go to to get to your boutique. If you already have your own domain that is not in use – you can forward it to your shop as well. If you need a domain – you can get it through Godaddy. Note you can also go to Godaddy to pick your domain first and then name your shop & url after the domain that you end up purchasing. You can change your URL structure at any time so you are not locked in to your choice.


So if you decide to go with Godaddy to purchase your domain – here are screenshots and instructions to guide you to forwarding your domain to Your Ambassador Page.


1 – We assume that you have purchased your domain name and that now you just need to forward it to your URL.

2 – Follow the above information on copying your Page URL.

3 – Log into your Godaddy Account.

4. You will then see a screen like the one below. Click on Manage.



5. Click on Down Pointing Arrow Next to your Domain Name.



6. Menu pops up – Select Forward Domain.



7. Click on the Icon With Pen in Box as shown below to Edit your Forwarding Settings.



8. Paste your StyleTango Shop URL in the box as shown below after clicking Edit. Be sure all other settings are as the ones shown below as well.



9. Click Save as shown below.



In close, it will take about 48 hours or less for the update to take place. Then you can use your domain name to link to your StyleTango Shop.



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