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#1 Rule – It Has To Scream Fashion & Be Professional!


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One of the awesome things about StyleTango is you get to have your own banner for Your Ambassador Page. This is great for branding + you can also customize your banner to match up with the artwork from your blog to create a cohesive look. This page will let you know how to go about adding your own banner, using one of our defaults or utilizing our for fee creative services. One thing to keep in mind is that we have final approval over all banners and artwork. Your banner must meet our quality & editorial guidelines. Your banner is a representation of us and the brands we carry. Banners not meeting our quality guidelines will be removed. If we remove your banner once – you will need to notify us before you upload a new banner and allow us to see it before you upload it. Failure to abide by this policy will be grounds for removal from our platform.


Further note – we will add “Powered by StyleTango” to all StyleTango Ambassador Page Banners even if you uploaded your own custom banner. This is important because when a customer makes a purchase – the credit card will state “StyleTango.” We don’t want them surprised!


What We Expect / What Not To Do

Banners should be in good style and taste. Your banner must be professional. Banners should not be offensive in any form or fashion and contain no nudity. Banners should not have any of your personal or business contact information. Your banner should not contain any promotions or feature other products. It should not be misleading. Your banner should not mention any brand names or designers. If your banner contains photos they must be of the highest quality standards and professional. All artwork in your banner must be professional, clear and legible. You should have the rights to anything shown in your banner. StyleTango is an upscale fashion platform and your banner should reflect such.


The Size of your Banner Should be exactly 1200 x 360 at 100 DPI – No Exceptions! The default banner for all shops is the image below. You are more than welcome to keep the default banner. Please make sure your banner has an upscale look and do not just put up a banner just because you can. Spend some time on your banner and try to combine your brand & the StyleTango Vision into one. Banners that are not upscale and editorial will be replaced with our defaults. Read more about our banner policy below.


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Current Default Banner

Other Banners You Can Download / Save to Your Device to Upload as a Banner In Your Shop

Here are a couple other banners you can use if you see fit. We will be adding banners here on the regular basis so check back often. All you will need to do is save the banner to your computer or device and then upload it in the banner section of you “My Shop” in your dashboard. Right click on the banner to save it to your device. Again utilizing this option is totally free! Note these banners cannot be used anywhere but on our Website. Do not use them anywhere else! When you download one of our banners to your device – be sure to download it and save as Original Quality / Size.








You can also do a couple of other things as well to put your banner together. Here are a few tips + How to Use Our Creative Services For Your Banner:


A. If you decide you want your own banner – make it great and make it applicable to if you had your own fashion boutique. Size must be exactly 1200 x 360 at 100 dpi. If it is not – we will have to replace it with a default of one of ours. Banners failing to meet any of our requirements will be removed. Failure to address your banner issue or multiple offenses could result in removal from our platform.


*If you have not got your domain name to forward to your shop so that you can promote your domain name / name of your boutique – you can find out more about how to do so here.


B. Recommended: You can request that we add Your Ambassador Page / Shop name or domain name to one of the banners on this page. Right now this service is free. Just shoot us an email of which banner you would like for us to add your boutique name to once you are all set up. Email us at if you want to move forward with this. This is recommended to ensure your banner meets our quality guidelines and is the right size. Then you can develop your own over time.


C. You can utilize our creative services for the total look of your banner. The price of this service is $45 per banner and we will allow 2 minor revisions. With this you will send us an idea of the type of banner you want to create and we will use that as inspiration to create your banner. If a photo is provided – this price does not include photo editing. Photo must be in ready-to-go form. For more information on this services – Shoot us an email at to inquire more.


Things to consider about creating a banner for your shop:

  • Do you want all graphics
  • Do you want to include a photo of yourself
  • Do you want to include a stock photo (be sure you purchased it and have rights to use it)
  • You can browse Deposit Photo and purchase stock photos to incorporate into your shop banner


If you have all of this information together along with something to let us know about your inspiration we can definitely create a banner for you. Just make sure the information you provide is high quality and you have a clear idea of what you want. Also when choosing photos – please give preference to photos that are horizontal in layout and are at least 300 dpi before shrinking them to 100 dpi in final work. However, your finalized banner should be 1200 x 360 at 100 Dpi. Above all else follow the #1 Rule – Your Banner Must Scream Fashion!



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