FAQ’s for StyleTango Ambassadors


What are the cost involved in operating My StyleTango Ambassador Page?

It is 100% Free for a 2 Year Subscription. After that two years – StyleTango will remain free all Ambassadors who signed up during our Beta (Now). There are some optional items that you can add that may cost money but they are totally optional and up to you. One such thing is getting a custom domain name. Get Your Own Domain to then Forward to your shop by Godaddy Here or purchase your own from any domain name provider.


What happens after I sign up?

We will verify your information and approve or deny your account. If approved – we will then send you a confirmation email that your account is ready. At that point you will log in and be able to start curating styles to add to Your Ambassador Page.


Will The Public Be Able to See My Contact Information?

No. You have a virtual shop so the public will not be able to see your actual contact details. They will not see any of your personal information or shop information. StyleTango will appear on their credit card bill when anyone orders from our website.


Am I locked in to use StyleTango – Can I Cancel My Ambassador Account If I Want To?

You are not obligated to keep your StyleTango Ambassador Account Open. You can deactivate your account at any time.


What if I want to set up My Ambassador Page that specializes in one thing or market?

Absolutely! For example – if you just wanted to sell kid’s clothing. You can do that. If you just want to sell women’s shoes – you can do that. If you just want to special in fitness wear you can have a shop based on that. If you want to sell all markets – you can do that. You can curate your page however you want with the styles from our fashion brand partners providing styles in your category of choice are available.


Is StyleTango a Shopping Mall? How Will I Get Traffic to My Page?

StyleTango is not an online mall. Each StyleTango Ambassador is responsible for generating their own traffic. It is not easy to go from one shop to the next.


Is there a limit on how much money I can make?

No. There is no limit to how much money I can make.


Can I pick my own StyleTango Ambassador Page / Shop Name / Domain Name?

Yes sort of. As far as your StyleTango Page goes you can pick any name you want but your name must not infringe on any existing trademark or copyright. Do not include any brand names in your page name. You can also name your page based on a domain you currently have or one that you are in the process of purchasing. You can then forward that domain name to your page if you wish. Learn how here. Again obtaining your own domain name is separate from StyleTango and it 100% up to you if you want to add that level of branding to your StyleTango Ambassador Page.


When will I get paid after a sale is completed in my shop?

Ambassador Commission Payments of 15% will be paid to Ambassadors on their net sales on the 28th of every month or the first business day after the 28th on all applicable orders. You will be able to keep track of your page / shop’s orders and your payments, pending payments and returns in your online dashboard. We have a 30 day payment threshold in place which is pretty typical for most affiliate programs. This means that an order(s) must mature for 30 days before we can pay commission on it. In the event an order is not more than 30 days old by the 28th of the month you will be paid for that particular order(s) on the next payment cycle. The 30 day threshold begins on the date the order is shipped out to the customer not the date the order actually came in.


Note that applicable net sales means you will receive payments on orders that have not been returned, canceled or resulted in chargebacks. Your commission will include 15% of the merchandise total only. Any shipping that was charged or taxes are not subject to commission. Example if a customer’s order amounts to $315 USD and $15 of that is shipping your calculation would be $300 x 15%.


Ambassador Payment Dates – Commission Payments Are 28th of Each Month
Commission Earned On Orders Shipped On Or Between And End Date Pay On
11/29/17 12/28/17 01/28/17
12/29/16 1/28/17 02/28/17
1/29/17 2/28/17 03/28/17
3/1/17 3/28/17 04/28/17
3/29/17 4/28/17 05/28/17
4/29/17 5/28/17 06/28/17
5/29/17 6/28/17 07/28/17
6/27/17 7/28/17 08/28/17
7/29/17 8/28/17 09/28/17
8/29/17 9/28/17 10/28/17
9/29/17 10/28/17 11/28/17
10/29/17 11/28/17 12/28/17
If the 28th Falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be made on the first business day after



How do I curate my page with merchandise / Is there a cost for adding the items to my page? 

With your StyleTango Ambassador Page / Shop, you are performing like a real buyer being that you are shopping the styles from our Fashion Brand Partners that you want to feature in on your page. However, you are using a 2 click process to add the style(s) to your StyleTango Page. You do not have to pay for the item(s) when you add it to your page.


If you want to order an item for your own personal wardrobe or to feature on your blog – you can do so as a regular buyer shopping on your own page – however you will have to set up a separate Buyer account. If you are trying to purchase an item just to feature or take photos in it but then plan to return it – Do Not Engage In This Behavior. It will be grounds for removal from our program. Also note that to add styles to your StyleTango Page you must have an active subscription (free).


I have a lot of followers and they would love to see me in the look so that I can help sell it – do you or the designers send free samples to bloggers / ambassadors?

Sorry but in general, we nor our Fashion Brand Partners send free merchandise and samples to Ambassadors. However there are exceptions to this rule. If an Ambassador is doing really well with a certain brand, has a lot of followers, we may recommend that the brand send merchandise to the Ambassador. Also, fashion brands may ask us to set up such a deal for them if they see a certain Ambassador is doing very well with their products.


What if I want to sell other items on my pae outside of styles listed in StyleTango?

Only Styles from StyleTango Fashion Brand Partners can be on Your Ambassador Page.


How are we different from other Affiliate Programs?

StyleTango focuses only on the fashion and apparel market. With StyleTango there are no tracking codes and 30 day cookies etc. You know when you have a sale because you are notified each time a sale is completed that originated from Your Ambassador Page / Shop. Another cool fact is many affiliate services rely on java script to show their pop-up shops which are less and less effective these days because so many people are using ad blockers on their browsers and mobile devices. That means people are losing out on revenue. You won’t have that issue with StyleTango because you are sending your visitors directly to Your Ambassador Page.


Another awesome feature is you get to add your own banner to really customize Your Ambassador Page. We are focused on featuring upscale, high quality brands because quality matters to us. We are not saying that all the pieces on our site will be high priced but what we mean is that the designers we feature will have quality presentations and clothing. We also strive to make sure all StyleTango Ambassador Pages look great and have an upscale feel to them.  This is why we retain creative control and approval over all artwork used by Ambassadors.




Can I use a designer’s brand name in any pay per click advertising?

No. You cannot use a company’s brand name in any PPC advertising campaign. Violations will result in removal of your account.


Do I have to report the commissions I make on my tax return?

Yes. You have to report all of the commissions that you receive to the appropriate tax entities. This is the responsibility of the StyleTango Ambassador.  You are not an employee of StyleTango – you are an independent contractor.


What happens in the event that a customer wants to return all of their order or partial order?

Customers will initiate the Return Process from within their dashboard. You are not involved in this process. The only process you are involved in is selecting the styles in your shop. StyleTango handles all customer service & sales. The customer will ship the returned items back to the brand that shipped the merchandise to them. You will not receive commission on returned orders or items.


Can I offer my customers discount codes and promotions?

Not directly. All discount codes, promotions and all pricing are dictated by the fashion brands. If a brand runs a promotion we will send out a newsletter to all of our Ambassadors about the promotion. At that point you would be able to advertise a promotion to your followers. Keep in mind that you cannot post misleading information about Your Ambassador Page / Shop or styles such as you are having a 50% sale but in reality we are not offering such a promotion.


How Am I notified when a sale is completed in My StyleTango Page?

You will receive an email when a sale that originated on your page is marked complete. It will also appear in your dashboard. You will be able to keep up with the flow of the order status from within your dashboard. Note that a sale being marked completed just means that the brand has shipped the item to the customer. It does not mean that the order process is fully completed until the return period has passed.


Once an order is completed on StyleTango – how long before the brand ships it to the customer?

Brands are required to ship within 2 business days (3 Max) of order being placed. They will enter a tracking number once shipment is made so that all parties are notified.



Why was an order placed on my page canceled or partially canceled?

One possible reason is the Fashion Brand Partner stated that a certain item was no longer available. Another reason could be issues with buyer’s credit card or the buyer themselves decided to cancel the order. It happens.


How often should I visit StyleTango to list new styles on my page?

Daily, weekly or every two weeks. Totally up to you. StyleTango Ambassadors that are totally inactive for more than 6 months will be closed. To re-open a $10 reopen fee will be assessed.


How will I be able to find new styles that were recently listed?

Once you log into your dashboard and click “List Your Products” you will see the most recently added styles first. You can also perform searches. We will also send out a newsletter to Ambassadors each time a new designer or brand comes on board or a current brand list new styles. Emails will not go out more than once per week.


Do I need a phone number and can I accept orders over the phone?

No, you do not need a business phone number for your page. All calls will and should come to us as we handle all customer service & sales for all StyleTango Ambassador Pages.  Also note that phone orders are not accepted in any form or fashion – not even by us. All orders must take place over our website or mobile version of our website. Do not try to list your phone number to accept calls or orders etc. You will be removed permanently from our platform if you list any contact number or email anywhere within your shop or on your social media page for people to call you about your StyleTango Page / Shop. This policy extends to offline promotion like business cards.


Can I set prices for the Styles I carry?

No. Prices are already set.


Who are some of the Brands on StyleTango?

While we have some popular brands you may have heard of – the primary objective of StyleTango is not about only carrying popular well known brands – it about you carrying the hottest styles from around the world. For example, customers can buy Nike from anywhere but in order to be successful online, you may want to carry semi unique items that look really good and are of good quality that aren’t sold everywhere. We specialize in partnering with quality brands and designers and we are always adding new ones on the platform. For now, once you have your account you will be able to see the Brands we are working with when you log into your account and click on “List Your Product.”


How can I get help with marketing my page? Tips?

Once your account is approved we will send you a welcome letter with a link to view / download our PDF Guide to Marketing Your StyleTango Ambassador Page.


What are the different payment methods I can choose to be paid by?

You will need a valid Paypal Account to be paid.


Can I promote my page on my social media pages?

Yes. Next to each listing in your page is also a button to post the style to your connected social media pages. You can also add links to your social media accounts to your StyleTango Page.


Should I get a sales tax license or start an official licensed business?

That is totally up to you but it is not required.


I already have a shop, can I add the StyleTango listings to my current shop?

No. StyleTango listings can only be listed in your StyleTango hosted page. To list them in a different shop is a direct violation of our TOS.


I already belong to another affiliate program in which I am showing a link on my site under “Shop” that leads to another platform. Can I still work with StyleTango?

Absolutely! There is no harm in offering two shop links on your blog. As in the real world – many boutiques have more than one location that may specialize in different items.